• Brad Davenport


    March 1, 2015 by Brad Davenport

    As of 2015 the page gained the lost recognition.I hope you all enjoy.But since the Season 3 finished.A special event will change the Lab Rats Universe forever(At least here).So i ask you to stay alerted until further announcments have ben made. 

    Thank you for listening.

    The creator,founder and Exec producer for the Lab Rats fan wiki episodes,Brad Davenport.

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  • Brad Davenport

    New Wiki's

    February 9, 2014 by Brad Davenport

    Hello I'm Brad Davenport the founder of this and many other wiki's.

    I just wanted to let you know about the new wiki's I created and support would be great:

    Supernatural Fanfiction Wiki

    YEAH THats It plz visit at least once and then if you like it help out(Still in progress)


    Oh write you ideas and comments below

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  • Brad Davenport


    December 25, 2013 by Brad Davenport

    Dr.Evans is actually a double-agent working for Douglas(We haven't heard that name in a while did we) and he uses his Exoskeleton made out of UST to battle the lab rats can they win against something that is impervious to Adam's super strength Bree's sonic cyclone and speed and Chase's Force field and Martial arts.Who can save them?


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  • Silly1!

    Character Page Layouts

    December 22, 2013 by Silly1!

    I've been noticing that users on other wikis have been calling ours 'sloppy'. Well, were gonna change that! Starting with Character pages. Here's the layout:

    Bryn Carpenter is a character in the fictional Lab Rats series. Bryn first appears in Season 1. She is makes friends with the Lab Rats, but dissapears all the time, espically when Chase would come around. She reappears in Season 2, but this time doesn't dissapear all the time. She still gets nervous around Chase though. Her parents are Denise and Fernando Carpenter and she has a twin brother, Zachary.

    Brin is portrayed by Katherine Mcnamara.

    Character pages should have quotes, with an infobox. The character description shouldn't be too long, and should have a little detail, but not a who…

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  • Brad Davenport

    Sub Wikia

    December 21, 2013 by Brad Davenport

    I'm Going to create a sub wiki about a spin-off show of The Lab Rats.So I created the plot and everything but tell me your opinion.(BTW I'm going to quit Lab Rats fanfic,and focus more on the new show wiki)

    NOTE***: When in creation the whole wiki will be in MonoBook layout.


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  • Brad Davenport

    Admin Showdown!!!!!

    December 21, 2013 by Brad Davenport

    You need to sign up here: 

    Steps to audition:

    1. You need to sign up.
    2. Then you need to enter a reason why would you even get past audition
    3. And accept the policy
    4. Your Good to go
    5. Ohh,And BTW The number of auditions is 10 People.

    Sign Up:

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  • Brad Davenport

    Lab Rats

    October 6, 2013 by Brad Davenport

    This is my blog about Lab Rats (I  dont even know why im doing this?).I watch Lab Rats on Disney XD i watch other shows like kickin it, camp lakebottom,Phineas and Ferb,Ultimate spider-man.And i watch Lab Rats on Youtube.List of some people with Lab Rats and other shows.

    • Syafig musa
    • KickinItEpisodesHQ
    • TopClipsVideos
    • Dr.Dexter
    • Zoe Le
    • kyle glynn
    • Edna Mendoza
    • Harold Hernandez
    • Lab Rat Clips
    • sprouseweb
    • Wizards of Waverly Place

    O and also check out Episodes Lab Rat episodes.   

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