This is the 28 episode of season 2 Douglas wants revenge and he creates the evil lab rats they are Jason,Cameron,Jane.They are like Adams,Brees,and Chase evil counterparts who were created by Douglas davenport but they are not androids like Marcus.    


Adam,Bree,Chase,Leo and Donald find out that Douglas has a new lab and they go to find him when they are at his lab they discover three other bionic siblings:Jason,Cameron;Jane that are evil and they call them selves the Evil lab rats they are practicly their evil counter parts and they face of but the Evil lab rats win due to Douglas using  a new hi-tech Bionic signal scrambeler which weakens adam bree and chase chip signal which weakens their powers and them.Adam,Bree and Chase have the same primary ability as their counterpart they duke it out and the three strangers are a real danger for the lab rats.