This page allows you to create any fake bionic ability for Lab Rats. Edit

Feel free to make up your own! 

This is a list of fan-made bionic abilities where you can make your own bionic ability.

Soul manipulationEdit

This ability allows you to 

manipulate souls

Marcus uses this ability in the the fan-made episode: "Revenge", The episode can be read in the page: "Fanmade Episodes.

Frozen Blast Wave Edit

You use this like a regular blast wave but whatever it hits freezes instantly!

Kinetic Electrical Powerhouse Lasers Edit

Kinetic Electrical Powerhouse Lasers are bionic abilities where anything you shoot with these lasers makes that object a powerhouse for 24 hrs, leaving it on that long.

Electrical Lasers Edit

These are lasers where anything you shoot (including people) gets electrocuted. Like if Adam had this ability and he shot Chase with it, Chase would get electrocuted. Your eyes will turn dark red.

Electrical Speed Edit

This is a STRONG AND POWERFUL ability. Anything that you touch while you super speed, it gets electrocuted and it stays like that for 24 hours straight.

Dark Orb Energy BlastEdit

Allows you to make a giant orb to throw that can immediately destroy everything it hits, and to ensure it's elimination it sends whatever it hits to another dimension. This is Victor Krane's most powerful Ability.

Dimension Speeding Edit

Allows you to super speed from one dimension to another, this is a hidden ability of Bree's.

Super Speed Kicking Edit

This is when you use super speed and you can kick a person and it will harm them severely. Similar to Speed Fighting.

Blue Lightning ConstructsEdit

This Ability allows you to make constructs out of blue lightning this is a secret ability of Bree Davenport

Yellow Lightning ConstructsEdit

This allows you to make constructs out of yellow lightning. This is one of Adam's hidden abilities.

Energy Lasers Edit

Shoot energy from your eyes and it will make anyone hyper for 12 hrs. When firing these lasers, your eyes will turn sky blue, if you have blue eyes, your eyes will be bright red for 8 hrs-8 days.

Speed Jumping Edit

Allows you to jump while super speeding and you can jump as high as 100,000 ft high! This is Chase's most powerful HIDDEN ABILITY.

Super Speed Dark Orb Lasers Edit

As Adam's most powerful ability, these allow you to shoot Dark Black Dark Orb Lasers from your eyes, legs and mouth while super speeding, this can harm anyone super severely for about 16 hrs. While firing these lasers, your eyes can be three colors : Dark Black, Dark Blue or Dark Red.

Super Flying Electrical Kinetic Energy Lasers Edit

These lasers can allow the lasers to fly and activate into kinetic energy that will energize anyone it hits for 90 minutes (1 hr 30 minutes)

Future Flying Edit

This will allow you to fly into the future for 1 week and experience the future. The people who have this power are : Adam, Chase, Marcus, Victor Krane, Bree and Leo.

Dimension throwing Edit

This will allow you to open a dimensional hole and throw someone right through to the second dimensional. The power is used by: Chase, Leo, Victor Krane and Adam

Telepathy Edit

Possessed by Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo, it lets them talk to each other just by thinking.

Electricity VisionEdit

This ability allows you to shoot beams of electricity from your eyes, the user can also control the intensity of it

Used by: Adam, Chase, Leo and Bree

Interdimensional TravelEdit

This ability allows you to open up portals to other dimensions