Lab Rats:The Adventure of MarcusEdit

Marcus manages to lift up the rocks on him and now he's angrier than ever.Things get chaotic when Marcus runs into Sebastion,Lexi and Tank at the prison.He frees them.Marcus is confused when he learns Douglas has turned good. Sebastion finds  the brainwasher from the season 2 episode"Memory Wipe" so he  zaps Douglas.Meanwhile at the Bionic Island,Spin and Bob discover a secret room.Mr.Davenport sees that Sebastion,Lexi and Tank escaped prison.The prison had security cameras so Davenport,Chase,Leo,Bree,Adam,Spin and Bob saw Marcus free them.Davenport,Leo and Adam go search for them in Mission Creek while Bree,Chase,Spin and Bob stay at the island guarding.They have no choice but to destroy the hydroloop so Marcus,Tank,Lexi,Douglas and Sebastion can't get onto the island.Marcus turns into a giant android and carries Sebastion,Tank,Douglas and Lexi to the Island.

Meanwhile Leo,Davenport and Adam find Tasha and see that the lab is destroyed.By of course Marcus,Tank,Lexi,Douglas and Sebastion.They go to the island in Davenports helicoter and they arrive just as Marcus,Tank,Lexi,Douglas,and Sebastion arrive.Leo,Chase,Bree,Adam and Davenport are confused that Douglas is bad.Marcus says that he brainwashed him.The Bionic Battle starts.Who will win???

Lab Rats: The Challenge Edit

Krane and S-1 escape jail and attack the lab rats. Adam and Bree are locked in a cell together. They try to escape, but then Victor ties them together. S-1 is turned non-evil (Chase hacked into Krane's bionics and Victor can't control her anymore). S-1's name is revealed to be Sasha. Donald, Douglas, Leo, Tasha and Perry have to rescue them, resulting them locked in a cage, too. Perry meets a man who has the same qualities as her: mean, awkward and loves cats but sometimes a little nice. Victor decides since Sasha is good, he locks her in a cage with Chase. Sasha and Chase bond over being smart. Tasha and Donald are locked in a cell, next to Sasha and Chase. Leo finds out Janelle is locked in a cage too, because they were dating. Leo tries to rescue her, but is caught by Krane. Douglas falls in love with a woman named Tracy, who was his enemy in middle school. Part 1 of 2.

Part 2 : Adam and Bree try to use their bionics to escape the cell and it works. Adam and Bree rescue, Chase, Sasha and the rest. Victor Krane, furious, puts all of them in a cell and puts them on permanent poopy fatty lock-down (It makes them get fat and go poop all the time) When they deactivate the system, it blows up and they escape, they put Krane in the cell, with the bionic signal interrupter. Part 2 of 2.

Austin & Ally Meets Lab Rats: Villains, Enemies and Concert in Mission CreekEdit

Austin Moon has an new concert in Mission Creek, but his old enemy Steven Campbell (Cameron Boyce), Krane, Marcus and S-1 try to sabotage the concert, so Ally, Dez, Trish, Donald, Douglas, Tasha, Chase, Bree and Adam have to help Austin before his concert is sabotaged! Can they do it?

Mighty Rats : Lab Med HeroesEdit

Adam, Bree, Leo and Chase stumble upon Mighty Med and Kaz, Oliver, Titanio, The Crusher and Dr. Horace and the others think they must be superheroes, although there are no comic books about them. The rest of Davenport's try to find them, but when Victor Krane and S-1 show up, they put the whole Davenport family and the hospital in danger, can the Davenport's save them?


The episode starts showing Oliver and Kaz in Mighty Med, Kaz: "Hey Oliver this weeks been kinda slow where's the action?" Oliver: "Not sure, but on the bright side there are not so many heroes getting hurt." Kaz: They must be on their A Game or something... there needs to be more Super Heroes." Oliver: "Why?" Kaz: "Because if there were more Super Heroes there would be more injuries. if only there were at least 3 or 4 more super heroes. then it shows Adam, Bree, and Chase, just sitting down on the couch looking bored and Tasha comes in and says "Hey Donald look at the kids." Donald: "Yes, the book I read how to make three bionic teens behave worked!" Tasha: "No, they look a little..." Adam: "Bored?" Bree: "Inactive?" Chase: "Kids with nothing to do what so ever?" Donald: "Guys, there got to be something you that will entertain you guys. What about the money the popularity you gotta like stuff like that?" Chase: "Like and Entertain, are both completely different." Tasha: "Oh I know exactly what we need: a vacation." Donald: "No No No, we are not going anywhere on vacation," Tasha: "Oh come on Donald the kids need this, and plus we have not been on a vacation in a long time." Donald: "Never." then it shows them getting in to their Resort, Leo: "Wow Big D, I had no idea you have had your own Davenport Industries Resort." Donald: "Yep, and through there, I created a mini Lab so Adam, Bree, and Chase, can still be in capsules while were on vacation." Bree: "Oh so the technology does not end around here." Tasha and Bree: "Yay..." Donald: Ok so go unpack your stuff and get your vacay on! Oh come on I gotta make something work. Just unpack your stuff." then Donald trips over something and accidentally knocks down everyone else like domino's and then Donald says: "OK who left that broom in the floor?" This Story is not finished.

Lab Rats: Bionic Showdown 2Edit

Someone has rebuilt Marcus and made his circuitry never die, so he could stay alive forever... But then the Lab Rats have yet ANOTHER new foe to face, with Victor Krane, and Marcus.... In this one-hour special season finale, the team have to face their BIGGEST threat EVER and make the ultimate sacrifice... one of their own.

Lab Rats, Violetta Crossover: A Bionic Person, A SongEdit

When the Rats are on holiday in Buenos Aries, they go to Studio On Beat/21 and meet Violetta. She thinks they are there to audition so they end up showing her what they can do. But when Victor Krane and S-1 shows up they put the whole Studio and themselves in danger. But will it be Adam, Bree and Chase to the rescue? Or the whole of Studio On Beat/21 and Art Rebel (Grogorio's Studio).

I Thought You were A Good Rat Edit

After the Lab Rats defeat Krane, Douglas traps them in a unknown place. The Lab Rats are confused, they thought he was good. Douglas goes into Chase's chip and disables his GPS. Leo, Donald and Tasha change their names and move. Donald says that they can't do anything, it's over. Meanwhile, Douglas reprograms Victor Krane's army into his and plans to take over the world. Tessa411

I Thought You Were A good Rat Part 2 Edit

Again trap Chase: Your plan won't work. Douglas: I figure all my other plans did not work, this time i"ll give you a choice. You can be one of my soldiers or i will kill your family one by one.{Douglas leaves] Bree: So .... what are we going to do? Adam: We can't get out of here it's impossible. Chase: So i guess....Bree: He wins. Douglas returns. Douglas: You made your decision? Adam: Fine!! You win. Douglas: {laugh}. Now!! Go into the capsules.The lab rats obeyed. Then you could hear the Triton app be activated. Douglas: Go into that room and join the army. In two weeks Douglas was the ruler of 14 states.......Get ready for part three make a comment if you like it.

The Return of MARCUS!Edit

AdamBreeChase and Leo Dooley was in the lab. Leo was super excited because he was bionic since Douglas Davenport gave him some. Leo was sitting in his Mission Specialist Desk while Adam and Chase were planning pranks but then, Marcus hacked into their network.

Marcus: Hello, I'm back! Hahaha! Leo: How are you still alive? I thought you were killed when the room collapsed. Marcus: It was simple, Victor Krane recreated me. I have stronger abilities. Chase: What do you want from us, Marcus? Marcus: Well, Victor Krane and S-1 wants to destroy you and I'm helping.

(Marcus disconnects)

Then, Marcus, Krane and S-1 show up in their lab and they have a battle, with all three powerfuls, can the Lab Rats destroy Marcus for good?


  • This episode is fan-made,
  • Marcus returns with more powerful abilities

Lab Rats: A New Condition/Janelle CAPTURED!Edit

Part 1 Janelle comes over, a unit of Krane's army breaks in and Leo is needing to use his Bionic arm to fight the Bionic unit to protect Janelle, and Douglas is there using that big blaster that was in Taken with Donald using his Thermal Blaster also from Taken and when one Bionic Soldier knocks Janelle out, it kidnaps her and it then it shows the Bionic Soldier bringing back Janelle. Then Krane says: "Great job, you got a new condition for my bionic army." S-1: "This is pointless! our bionic army is complete we could be taking down those 2 kids." Krane: "Don't forget the third one..." S-1: "Do we really need to get rid of him!" Krane: "Duh, now come on we need to make her bionic." Then it shows Leo finishing off the last soldier in the Bionic unit, and he says "wait a minute where's Janelle?" Donald: "I don't know." Leo: "Douglas, Mom, did you see anything?" Douglas: I didn't see anything, I was to busy fighting off soldiers." Tasha: "And I was to busy hiding from soldiers." Leo: "Oh No!"

Part 2

It shows Janelle knocked out and Krane made her a part of the Bionic army and her memory is lost as if she was being controlled by the Triton App, and when Leo, Adam, Bree, Chase, Donald, and Douglas, finds them Janelle is bionic and she tries fighting Leo. and Leo keeps trying to jog her memory and when he does, She helps them fight off the full Bionic army and once the Bionic army is defeated, Janelle, joins Adam, Bree, and Chase, as a new condition for their bionic team, and Krane has escaped as the Davenport's think he is dead. And at the last scene it shows Krane cloning Marcus, to restore the Bionic Army out of cloned Marcus's.  And then it ends as a Cliff Hanger!


  • This is fan-made,
  • This takes place as a fan-made season finale!
  • Since the bionic army is defeated, the soldiers are good guys and go to Davenport's new bionic academy.
  • Marcus Returns as a cloned army.
  • Since Marcus, is being cloned by Krane, it is most likely that Krane is making another Army.
  • Now that Marcus is working with Krane he is upgraded and more powerful than ever.
  • S-1 will be attending the Davenport Bionic Academy.
  • Some scenes were skipped.


Krane's army has been defeated, but now he is going to make a replacement out of Marcus himself.

Story: It shows the whole family in davenport's house, Chase: "Finally, we are finished with Krane." Bree: Yeah it's about time. Donald: "Yep, no more bad guys, and no more threats, and thanks to Douglas it is completely impossible for any new threat." Leo: Yeah and now Janelle is bionic without being evil at all." Bree: "Yeah, and with Krane gone we can finally live a peaceful bionic life again." Then it shows Krane finish cloning the Marcus, Krane: "Finally, I am done upgrading this flawed android that Douglas calls Marcus." then Marcus starts to power up. Krane: "Oh, your awake." Marcus: "Where am I? who are you!?" Krane: "I am Victor Krane, a billionaire with bionics. Tell me your back story." Marcus: "I'm not sure... all I remember is fighting three bionic kids." Krane: "Ah, you mean Adam, Bree, and Chase, they are my enemies as well as yours, I have been trying to destroy them, but something always happens to make me lose the advantage. and I found you in a secret lair under a house while I was trying to track down Chase's Bionic GPS signal but I picked up yours instead" Marcus: "Yes it is all coming back to me, I was about to finish that little idiot Leo, Then the next thing I knew I was being crushed by boulders. And then Douglas never came back! I want revenge!" Krane: ""Great!" Marcus: "So where do we start?" Krane: "I have been spying on them, and apparently they are trying to train my Bionic Soldiers in a Bionic Academy, but the academy is still under construction. I need you to put this Cyber Mask on and go undercover to sabotage the academy. Do you think you can do it?" Marcus: "Please... I will do anything to have my revenge." This scene shows Douglas training Leo. Douglas: "Ok Leo, Even though Krane is gone you still need to train because if you don't train for a while you will forget how to use them properly." Leo: "I'm pretty sure I won't forget." Douglas: "Hey, you never know what could happen, like what if one of the students at the Bionic Academy were building becomes bad, and makes a lot of students become evil as well." Leo: "Fine, set up the cyber target." Then Leo throws a Laser Sphere and started to glitch and toasted Douglas' tips Douglas: "Not again, could you just aim for the target and not me?" Leo: "I don't know what happened." Then it shows Marcus hiding behind a tunnel entrance. And then he Geo-Leaped to Krane and Said: "I tested my ability to manipulate other bionics and control them, and don't worry I was hiding when I did it so no one even suspects me. Krane: Who did you use it on?" Marcus: The idiot Leo, and how could you not tell me he is bionic?!" Krane: "Relax... He is not that good with them." Marcus: "Why would I want to relax? It's about time I actually have a challenge." Krane: "Ok, now that we know all your abilities work we can begin our plan." Marcus puts his Cyber Mask and his Full Body Cyber Cloak on and makes himself look like S-1 and when he goes to the academy (which is under construction) He finds S-1. Marcus: "Uh oh..." Then he knocks her out and begins sabotaging. Near the end The Cyber Cloak and Cyber Mask loses battery power and deactivates. (But Marcus don't realize it.) Then Leo and Douglas walks in. Leo: "Seriously, I don't know what happened earlier." Douglas: "I know what happened... You lost control of your bionics." Then Leo looks and see's Marcus and says: "Look!!!!" Douglas: "Marcus!?, Good to see you! It's been a while." As the Bionic Android lifted his eyebrow, he says: "You think I'm happy to see you?" Then Marcus grabs Douglas by the jacket and throws him, (causing him to fall on to Leo) then the Rats and Donald walk in and Adam and Bree say: "Marcus!?" Chase: "What's going on? Marcus how are you still alive?" Marcus: "Don't matter." Then a battle starts when Adam tries to punch Marcus, but Adam misses and Marcus uses his Bionic Energy Blast ability to Make Adam fall on the floor. Then Chase comes in and uses his Laser Bow ability to defeat Marcus, but the Marcus brings out his own Laser Bow. (Except Marcus' was green) They fought fiercely, but then as Adam began to get back up Marcus unleashes his Lightning Manipulation ability, and hit Chase causing him to fall on to Adam as well. Adam: "Uh! Just as I was getting back up." Bree: "Marcus your going down!" Marcus: You will never beat me cupcake!" Bree: "Why do you have to call me that?" Then when Bree tries to attack Marcus with her Super Speed Marcus uses his Super Speed to dodge her attack, then he uses his Molecular Kinesis to pick her up and throw her down. Then Leo says: "Hey Marcus guess what I have a big surprise for you." Marcus: "Leo I know your bionic." Leo: "Well great you ruined the surprise." Marcus: "I have been waiting a long time for this!" Then Leo throws a Fireball, but Marcus uses a new ability called "Bionic Manipulation" which allows him to catch a fire ball and throw it back. And that's exactly what he does to Leo, and it then hits Leo. Donald: "Marcus, how are you alive?" Marcus: "Victor Krane found me and was able to give me more bionics to make me more powerful, and now I am helping him get rid of you." Donald: "Wait, Krane is still alive?" Then Krane Geo-Leaped there and said: "That is correct, ok Davenports look away, Bionic Villain Conference." Krane quietly talks to Marcus saying: "Why did you reveal yourself?" Marcus: "It was not my fault. My Cyber Mask powered off." Krane: What's the point of cloning you if you can't do the job right?" (Marcus then feels betrayed like Krane is trying to replace him) Marcus: "Well, their almost defeated mine as well finish them" Krane: "Very well..." Then Krane walks over and says: "OK, I'm going to make this quick and painless..." Then Krane smiles and gets ready his Pyrokinesis ability to finish them all. Marcus feeling betrayed he suddenly attacks Krane by hitting him with the Laser Bow. Krane gets sent flying through the air after Marcus hit him with the powerful weapon, Krane says: "Marcus what are you doing?" Marcus: "Nobody will ever replace me!" Douglas: "Marcus, are you joining us?" Marcus: "No, you left me there in the cold lair for a long time. You betrayed me and left me for dead! I'm not gonna be on anyone's side!" Douglas: "No Marcus let me explain." Marcus: "Never, and because of you Krane got away!" Your lucky I'm letting you go!" Then Marcus Geo-Leaps away. Chase: "This is not good... Krane and Marcus are still alive." Donald "I know... with him and Marcus out there were gonna have to watch our backs more than ever." Douglas: Donny, I do not believe that Marcus will do so many terrible things to the world. I believe he has good in him." Donald: "Well we can't trust anyone now."

The End! If you liked it leave a comment!


  • This is a "fan-made" (Fake) episode.
  • This is a fan-made Season 4 premiere.
  • Once again Marcus battles Adam Bree and Chase along with Leo.
  • Marcus is no longer on Krane's side.
  • Marcus has new abilities that has never been shown.
  • This episode is a continuation of the fan-made Season 3 finale A New Condition/JANELLE CAPTURED!
  • Even though Janelle is bionic she has not appeared in this episode.
  • Some scenes in this episode were skipped.
  • More info about Marcus' ability "Bionic Manipulation" is on the page "Fanmade Bionic Abilities."

Friend or Foe? Edit

At the big story of how Marcus returns he gets caught by Douglas and Leo along with the Lab Rats, He exposes the secret that Krane and him still remain alive, and now Marcus has been betrayed and has deactivated his Bionic GPS and is now out on the run. Meanwhile Krane is trying to track down Marcus, and so is Douglas. Story: Beginning with the first scene we see Douglas on a super computer in the Lab. Douglas: Come on Marcus where are you? Leo: "I still can't believe he is still alive." Adam: Yeah I have no idea how that's even possible." Chase: "Of course you don't have any idea, your as dumb as a box of rocks." Bree: "Chase, quit picking on Adam before he picks up your tiny doll like body and throws you across the room." Adam: "Hey Douglas what are you doing anyway?" Douglas: "I'm trying to track down Marcus by downloading the data from the technology I used to create Marcus." Adam: "Huh?" Chase: "Let me help you with that. Technology good..." Adam: "Are you talking like a Caveman to answer me? Bree: "Chase if I were you I would start running." Chase: "Why?" (then Adam throws Chase across the room and the scene ends.)" Back at the next scene, it shows Douglas in the Lab a few hours later and he is still on a computer trying to find a way to track down the Android. Donald: "Douglas why are you still trying to find Marcus? I told you we can't trust anyone" Douglas: Oh come on Donny, you never know he might not want to do anything bad." Donald: "Oh yeah, well what about the time when he wanted to destroy us and sabotage the academy?" Douglas: "Can't we just give him another chance, I believe there's good in him." Donald: "No! now stop, if we find him he's gonna attack us. We can't take any chances... Oh, and if I see you looking for Marcus again, I will... take away your allowance." Douglas the Gasps, and Donald leaves the room. A couple hours later, Douglas is sitting on the couch in the Living Room, just thinking. Chase: "Douglas, what are you doing?" Douglas don't even move a muscle, the boy (Chase) waves his hand in front of Douglas' face, and still, Douglas don't move and then Chase says: "Oh look a Tuna Sandwich." Douglas suddenly gets up and says: "Where?... Oh, you tricked me." Chase: "Sorry, I was just trying to get your attention. What are you doing?" Douglas: "I'm still trying to find Marcus." Chase: "Why aren't you on a computer?" Douglas: "Well... Donald said That he will take away my allowance if he catches me trying to find Marcus. And if Krane finds Marcus before me, he might be able to make Marcus go back to his side. I just wish knew how to find him." Chase: "Too bad you can't just use my bionic GPS to track down Marcus." Douglas: "I know right? Wait that just gave me a idea. I am able to connect a computer to the technology I used to create Marcus and I can use his bionic GPS to track him down! Now I just need a computer." Chase: "Wait! I can sneak down to the computer in the Lab." Douglas: "Really? Thanks!" Chase is sneaking Douglas down to the Lab and Douglas says: "Man I'm so excited! this reminds me when you helped me sneak down into the old Lab that I well... blew up, and you... double crossed me." Adam is down there and he says: "Hey Douglas what are you doing?" Douglas: "Uh... I'm just helping Chase beat this level on a new game he got." Adam: "Wait! you can't fool me..." Douglas and Chase suddenly put a nervous look on their faces. then Adam says: "Your going on me to get a pet flying squirrel." Chase: "OK, fine you got us. Were getting you a flying squirrel." Then Adam goes upstairs. Douglas: "Yes! I'm able to track down Marcus!" Chase and Douglas goes back upstairs, Adam is sitting down in the Living Room, and he says: "Now what are you doing?" "Uh... Were having a father and son day." Chase replied. Adam: "Why?... Normally you never have any father and son day." Douglas: "Uh... It's something new were trying." Then Chase and Douglas rush out of the house. Now the story goes on while Krane is at his lair trying to find the best cloned Marcus to use as a bionic sidekick, and even other cloned Marcus's to create a army out of the Android. Krane: "Hmm... there's something different about all these clones... wait they are all weaker but why?" Krane asked himself, but then the idea popped in his head. Wait theses clones can not be as powerful as Marcus himself. Which means if I want a Marcus as powerful as it can be then I have to have the real one!" Then Krane begins tracking down the android." Leo is looking for Douglas and he see's Adam and asks him: "Hey Adam, Have you seen Douglas?" Adam: "Yeah, both him and Chase went somewhere." Leo: "Well where did they go?" I don't know, all they did was say that their having a Father and Son day." Adam replied. Leo: "Hmm... That's strange. Oh no!" Leo runs down to the Lab to find Donald and he says: "Big D, something terrible is happening." Donald: "Wait what? what is it?" Leo: "Adam said that Douglas and Chase left, and I think they went off to find Marcus." Donald: "Oh no! This is not good at all." Krane is still trying to track down Marcus, but he still can't find him. Krane: "Ah! Come on I can't find him anywhere... Wait a second, If Marcus' bionic GPS signal is turned off, maybe Douglas is already there, and if Douglas is there, maybe the three Bionic Kids are there too!" Krane gets back on the tablet and links it to Chase's bionic GPS, and tells himself: "Yes! He's there. Now I know how to find Marcus." Krane leaves with his tablet to keeps track of where Marcus is. Now, Douglas and Chase have arrived in the middle of no where and found Marcus, and Douglas says: "Marcus!" The android lifts up his eyebrow and gets up getting ready to take off with his super speed but Douglas stops him by saying: "Marcus stop! Just let me explain." Marcus: "Explain what?! Explain the fact that you took off without me! and left me for dead under the heavy bolders." Douglas: "No Marcus listen to me... Look, back when you were crushed by the big rocks, I went back and the place was covered with bolders. everything was destroyed, and I could hardly get around anywhere. And I saw your hand sticking out of the bolders. I tried to pick them up but they were way too heavy and I just couldn't do it... I'm sorry." Marcus with a sad voice says: "Wow all this time you were trying to save me and I was trying to get my revenge on you... I can't believe all that happened." Douglas: "Well, you can still make a choice." Then Douglas sticks his hand out and asks Marcus to join by softly saying: "Friend? or Foe?" As Marcus begins to try and shake Douglas' hand, and say friend... they suddenly hear a Man's voice saying: "Oh no you don't!" Then they saw the man, (It was Victor Krane.) Marcus: "Krane? What are you doing here?" Krane: "Doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is that you join me!" Marcus: "Why me?! You already have clones of me!" Krane: "Yeah, but those clones are not completely the same! They are not as powerful as the real person!" Chase: "Wait, you have clones of Marcus?" Krane: "That is correct. And now that you know I'm gonna have to destroy you! And if Marcus don't join he will be destroyed too!" Marcus: "Never!" Krane: "What?" Marcus: "I will never join you!" Krane: "Well then, looks like I will have to destroy you, Douglas, and his entire family!" Marcus: "I will never let that happen." Then Krane uses his Electrical Generation ability to shock them all at once and as Krane charges up his Plasma Grenade ability to finish them off, Bree crashes into Krane with her super speed causing him to fall down." and then Adam, Leo and Donald, gets there too. Donald: "Douglas, what were you think?" Douglas: "I was thinking I could turn Marcus good." Donald: I told you we can't do anything about Marcus!" Bree: "Hey, could you maybe just stop arguing while were in danger?!" Krane gets back up, and says: "You all got lucky but Marcus... I will be trying to get revenge on you, and the rest of the family!" Marcus: "Oh no you don't!" Marcus gets a energy blast orb ready and tries to throw it at Krane, but Krane Geo-Leaps away before the orb could hit him. Leo: "Wait did I just see what I think I saw?" Bree: "Why did you just try to help us Marcus?" Adam: "Yeah, it don't make any sense." Douglas: "Actually... it does make sense." Bree: "But how?" Douglas: "Because I made Marcus a good guy." Donald: "You what?!" Marcus: "It's true. But first... We must shake on it." Marcus sticks his hand out preparing to shake hands with Donald. Donald slowly puts his hand out too. and they shake hands. Then Donald says: "Marcus, welcome to the family." Marcus: "Yes!" And Adam Bree and Chase say: quietly say: "Yes!" too. Leo: "I don't know to be happy or mad." Marcus lifts up his eyebrow. The Rats and Marcus are home and Leo and Marcus are doing a arm wrestling match. Marcus is starting to over power Leo, Leo loses and Adam walks up and says: "Leo, even though your bionic I still knew you would lose to Marcus. Now it's my turn." Adam and Marcus lock hands beginning their arm wrestling match, and Adam says: "Oh this is gonna be a piece of Ca- He is interrupted by Marcus after losing to him quickly just like Leo did." Then Chase taunts Adam by saying: "Hah! it's about time someone beat you in a arm wrestling match."



  • This episode is Fan-made.
  • This is a continuation of the (Fan-made) Season 4 premiere: "Revenge".
  • Marcus is now on the Davenport's side and is living with them.
  • Marcus might be going on missions with the Rats.

Dodge Rammed Out Edit

Chase earns his drivers license and plans to get a Dodge. Davenport has to leave 12 minutes into the buy and Chase buys a Dodge Ram Ramminator much to Adam, Leo and Mr. Davenport's dismay. As Adam attempts to dismantle the truck, Chase is dismayed because he loves it and Chase must stop him.

Trivia : Edit

Adam is the bad guy in this episode

The Dodge Ramminator is the Dodge Ram Monster Truck.

Bree is not in this episode.

This is a 1 hour special

Sedans, Trucks and SUV's Edit

Adam goes out to buy a new car and he cannot decide between three cars :

Cadillac Escalade - SUV

Buick Lacrosse - Sedan

Ram 1500 - Truck

His wife and Bree's Best Friend Sami (Sarah Hyland) Would advise the Escalade for TV, but there is someone who wants it : CHASE : who is now working with Krane and Marcus. Can Adam stop Chase for good? And can they get the Escalade?

Trivia :

This is the second car related episode - this one being with Cadillac.

Chase is this episode's antagonist and bad guy.

Chase is now working with Krane and Marcus, making him the new main antagonist.

Bree, Mr. Davenport and Leo aren't in this episode and Bree is mentioned.

Krane's Ultimate Revenge - The Hero : Marcus and The Rats. Edit

Victor Krane is trying to destroy Marcus and the Davenport's, but Marcus hears of the plan and tells the Davenport's, as a result, alldisablee GPS Signals and go to Flagstaff, Arizona to hide. Krane searches throughout Arizona, Utah and New Mexico and finally captures them in Tucson, Arizona at the Target on Ina and Thornydale in the Marana (Northwest) area. He takes them to his built hideout in Sierra Vista near The Mall At Sierra Vista and says "NOW IS THE TIME TO DESTROY YOU ALL!", Adam uses his Speed Vision, Marcus uses his Energy Blast and Leo uses his Laser Spheres to Destroy Krane. None work and as Krane is about to finish all, Marcus uses his green blast to knock out Krane. Adam, Bree and Chase use their strongest abilities to combine them to one powerful orb to destroy Krane. Adam uses his Plasma Grenade and finishes Krane. They then go to back to their Flagstaff home and Donald says, "Nice Work Guys, Hopefully Krane is finished.", but it later shows Krane waking up and rising his soldiers in Houston, Texas.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode to have a main setting in Arizona
  • The Davenport's are now residing in Flagstaff.
  • Krane is finished, but he faked the knock out and rised his servants in Houston.
  • This is also the first setting where a real store is shown, Target, on Ina Rd in Tucson.
  • This is not a continuation of the fan-made episode "Friend or Foe?" But it seems like it is.

Traveling Revenge Threats

Plot : It shows the Davenport family getting ready for a flight to Bullhead City. AZ with Marcus exclaiming "Why do we have to go there? It is the most boring place on earth!" On the flight, Krane hijacks the plane and the Davenports exclaim "Krane!?!?". And then he forces them to try and commit suicide. Part 1, leave a story for part 2. 

S4E1:Marcus Awakes

Marcus turns on and lifts the rubble off him, and is set to destroy the Lab Rats,Leo (who is now a Lab Rat too),Donald,Tasha,Douglas and even Principal Perry. Marcus arrives at the Davenport Bionic Academy and knocks everyone out with his force-field ability.However,Donald and Douglas escape and Douglas says "What are we going to do?" and Donald says "I think what we need to do is... make ourselves bionic and save them"...

Marcus's Return Part 1 Edit

The lab rats and the former members of Krane's army are training at Mr. Davenport's bionic academy. Douglas, the school's assistant principal and computer teacher, tells everyone to go the auditorium because he has an announcement to make. When everyone is there Douglas stands in front of closed curtains and says over the microphone that he has an announcement. Chase and Sasha (former S-1) hold hands and kiss. Bree laughs. "You guys really like each other." "Yeah," said Adam, "it's disgusting!" Douglas starts his speech. "At one point, not too long ago, I had a son. Not three kids that my brother took from me." He looks at the lab rats and glares at Donald. Donald sticks his tongue out at him. "A son that I got to keep for well over a decade. His name was Marcus." Donald knows what's coming and so do the lab rats, except for Adam. "Marcus was loyal to me and even though he made mistakes he was very persistent. Of course, as you all know, we were evil at the time, but that's irrelevant!!! Anyway, Marcus was crushed under rubble when someone destroyed our house!" Adam yells out to him, "I think you're talking about me!" "Yes Adam, I'm talking about you. I've come to really miss Marcus and I've brought all of you here today to witness his return!" A hole appears in the middle of the big blue curtains and Marcus walks out. He smiles and waves at the audience. He winks at the lab rats and Donald. Leo screams and throws a laser orb at him but misses. Marcus raises an eyebrow. "Leo's bionic now?" "Yes, I made Leo bionic." Douglas states. "I've already informed him about everything else that happened in seasons 2 and 3. I know I'm breaking the fourth wall! Deal with it, world! After Marcus's incident, but before someone decided to freeze me in suspended animation..." "I think you're talking about Chase!" Adam yells. "I managed to go to my crumbled house and dig Marcus out. I rebuilt him to look the same and with the same memories, and he will live for about forty, fifty more years without aging in appearance." "Ugh, you brought back that creepo!" Bree exclaims. "It's okay, Cupcake. I won't hurt you." said Marcus. "Not him again!" Chase complains. "Why did you do that?" Leo cried. "Yeah, why did you?" Donald asks. "How do you know he won't turn on us?" "Don't worry, Donnie." Douglas said. "I have everything under control. If he steps out of line I will control him with the Triton App." "He's cute!" Sasha exclaims. Chase facepalms.

Trivia Edit

  • This is a fan-made episode.
  • Marcus returns in this episode after dying in "Bionic Showdown."
  • It takes place in season 4.
  • Let me know if you want part 2!

Marcus's Return Part 2 Edit

Principal Perry announces over the PA system, "Mission alert, kids! Mission alert!" Douglas takes the mic and says, "Yes, there seems to be a whale on the island. A big whale. We'll need a student with superhuman strength." "Meanwhile, we'll be having some fun in my office!" said Perry. "No... no fun. Why did Donnie even make you principal?" "The viewers know me as Principal Perry! I have to stay a principal, don't I?" "Hey, breaking the fourth wall is my thing!"

"I'll go!" says Marcus. "It will be my first heroic mission! All my missions so far have been to capture Adam, Bree and Chase and get rid of Leo thanks to my diabolical creator!" Donald, the founder and the science teacher of the academy, says, "I'll supervise." "Marcus is gonna be a hero?" Leo questions. "I'll have to see it to believe it." S-1 stares at Marcus dreamily and says, "I'll come too!" Chase immediately yells, "Me three!" "This oughta be good." says Bree. The group goes to the beach and sees the poor whale. Marcus walks up to it, picks it up and throws it into the ocean. "Be free!" he exclaims. Just then, they hear a swarm of yelling people running towards them. They are natives of the island and are holding spears and guns. "Building your big, fancy science place our island was bad enough!" says the only one who speaks English. "Now you're throwing away our food! This was a golden opportunity for something good to eat! We love eating whales!" He shouts to his tribe in their native language. The English translation would be: "ATTACK!"

Trivia Edit

  • This is a fan-made episode.
  • Marcus's first heroic mission.
  • Takes place in season 4.
  • Let it be known if you would like a part 3! I will do what I can but I'm not sure where this is going...

Brase? Edit

Bree and Chase, despite the fact that they're siblings, are getting married!

Bree: Excuse me? Ew!

Chase: I never agreed to that!

Bree: I can't marry him!

Why not? You two are perfect for each other!

Bree: He's nerdy and he's my brother!

Chase: She's my sister! Hey, did you just call me nerdy?

Fine, you don't have to marry each other! But you are dating, right?

Chase: Of course not! Would you stop this nonsense?

Bree: This is ridiculous! I refuse to date him!

Chase: She's my sister!

But you belong together!

Bree: We're two-thirds of a team. We're not a couple.

Chase: Yeah! Leave us alone! Go ship Janeleo or Dasha since those actually make sense!

But... but...!!!

Chase: Bye!

Trivia Edit

  • I apologize if I offended anyone. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just questioning the romantic pairing of brother and sister and stating my opinion. If you are a big shipper of Brase or Bradam then feel free to comment as to why you disagree and want to go all Victor Krane on me! Freedom of speech!

The End of the Lab Rats! Part 1 (By NerdAlert) Edit

(Lab Rats music is on in the beginning of the episode as usual) The Lab Rats are used to hearing this garbage in every episode, but after 3 seasons, they have had enough. Leo: Okay, whoever keeps playing that, could you please stop?! It's getting really annoying! Adam: Why? I actually like it! Bree: Well of course YOU would. Donald: We should replace that with one of my songs! All the Lab Rats: NO!!!! (Donald runs away crying) Chase: Great, now he's crying again, AS USUAL. The Lab Rats go down into the Lab to find Donald crying. Leo: Big D, you seriously have to stop crying all the time. Donald: YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU GUYS ARE ALWAYS DOING THIS TO ME! YOU TREAT ME LIKE GARBAGE! I SHOULD BE THE STAR OF THE SHOW!!! Adam: That's not true Mr. Davenport! We treat Chase like garbage, not you! (Donald pulls out one of his secret weapons out of his back pocket, then points it at everyone) Donald: IT'S ABOUT TIME I GOT RID OF YOU, THEN I WILL BE GIVING MYSELF ALL YOUR BIONICS!!!! (Donald shoots at them, but Chase uses his force-field) Chase: Mr. Davenport! What is wrong with you! Why are you acting like this?! Donald: Because I have always hated you guys. For years I have been pretending to be your friend, but now I've had enough! (Donald shoots again, but this time it is more powerful, and it somehow breaks Chase's force-field) Chase: HOLY-- (Donald shoots Chase with his weapon, causing him to fall back, unconscious) The Lab Rats are speechless, seeing that their own father shot his own son. The Lab Rats all run towards Donald at once. Bree: Mr. Davenport, how could you?! (Bree runs at Donald and hits him, causing him to fly back, hitting the wall) Leo: Big D, this doesn't have to happen! Donald: You don't have the guts to get rid of me, you're all just weak! That's why Krane has beaten you guys like 5 times! YOU'RE ALL WORTH- (Leo decides Donald has gone to crazy, so he picks up Donald's weapon from the ground, and shoots him in the heart) Adam and Bree: LEO!!!!!!! Leo drops the weapon, unable to believe what he has just done, he has ended Donald's life. (Adam, furious, grabs Leo and throws him with all the force he has, causing him to smash in the wall, making him go unconscious) Bree: Adam, what is wrong with you?! You've all gone insane, are Chase and I the only people who don't try to kill our family?! (Adam has nothing to say to this, so he walks away, leaving the house. Meanwhile, Chase has woken up.) Chase: Ugh...what happened? Leo! Mr. Davenport! What happened to them?!?! And where is Adam?! (Bree doesn't want to explain, so she just simply leaves Chase alone, so that he can figure out what happened himself)

(20 minutes later)

Bree super speeds down to the lab, wondering why Chase is still there, she finds Chase on the ground. Bree: Chase, what happened?! (Bree sees a note, next to Donald's weapon. It says:

Dear Bree,

I have figured out what happened, I assume after Mr. Davenport shot me, Leo somehow killed Mr. Davenport, I couldn't believe he did, or I might be wrong about all of this, but, I am supposed to be really smart...Anyways, I assume after that, Adam got mad and smashed Leo in the wall, right now he is still there, unconscious, but not dead. Then Adam left, am I right? I probably am...but I have decided, I can't live like this, being bionic, having the family fight, training all the time, dealing with all this is really tough. So instead of leaving the house like Adam, I have decided to go up in the sky. Hopefully you know what I mean by that. Goodbye Bree, I wish we could have bonded more.

Love, Chase

(Bree falls to the ground, crying, Chase and Mr. Davenport are gone, Leo is hurt, and Adam has left. She cries on the ground, and falls asleep.)

The End of the Lab Rats! Part 2 (By Aardvark) Edit

Previously on Lab Rats: Donald had always hated Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo but pretended to be their friend. Donald tried to kill Chase but only knocked him out. Leo killed Donald, causing Adam to get so mad he threw Leo at the wall, injuring him badly. Adam ran away and Chase committed suicide. Bree read Chase's note and cried herself to sleep.

Bree wakes up and remembers what happened before she went to sleep. She rushes over to Leo, who is now disfigured and hardly breathing. Leo: Bree? Oh, Bree! Bree: Leo! Oh, Leo! Poor Leo! Leo: What happened to Chase? Bree: Oh... he's just sleeping. Leo: Don't lie to me. Bree: Okay, he committed suicide. But I can save you! I'll take you to a hospital! Leo: There's no time for that. Bree: Haven't you noticed? I have super speed! Leo: Just let me die in peace. With my sister. Bree: No, Leo! You're all I have left! Chase and Donald are dead and I don't want to speak to Adam after what he did to you! Leo: You have Douglas. Bree: Yeah, the man who tried to turn us into his evil soldiers. Leo: You have Tasha. By the way, tell her... I love her. The next moment, Leo's dead. Bree breaks down crying over him. Tasha comes down to the lab and sees this. Tasha: Leo! How could this happen? Bree explains everything and Tasha starts to cry. Soon afterwards, when Bree tries to battle Victor Krane and his bionic army by herself, she is easily defeated and placed under the Triton App. Krane and his soldiers, now including Bree, take over the world. Douglas proposes to Tasha. She slaps him in the face, refusing to marry for the third time. But later on she realizes that the third time may be the charm so she and Douglas go into hiding together.

Left Behind (Andre132's fanmade episodes first lame version)Edit

Leo gets excited when he gets to go on a mission with Adam, Bree and Chase but annoyed when Spin has to come too.Their mission is to turn off a bomb in a volcano on an island that Douglas put there when he was young. After they complete the mission, Leo leaves Spin on the island. Then Leo has to save Spin from the island. But when Spin enters the hydroloop, Leo gets pulled away by mysterious molecularkenesis. Spin tells Donald and Donald assumes it's Krane. Then Krane puts Leo under the Triton App. Then the lab rats, Donald, Perry and the bionic soldiers have to get Leo out of the Triton App and defeat Krane. Then they get Leo out of the Triton App and defeat Krane. But when they turn around, they see S-1 who is now good. Leo decides to call her Sarah. Leo and Spin become mentors while Sarah is in Leo's class. In the end, Sebastian is seen planning how to get rid of Donald.

Bionic Rebellion (Aardvark's Season 4) Edit

"So, Chase," says Sebastian, "I bet Mr. Davenport is a really great inventor." "Oh, he is," says Chase. "What are some of his inventions?" "Well, there was a teleporter-" "The majority of us can geo-leap. Next!" "Oh, now this is a funny story!" Chase explains to Sebastian the events of "Memory Wipe". "Oh, I see!" Sebastian laughs. "So where is this Neural Scrambler?" "Sebastian," says Chase, "it's not a toy. Didn't you hear me when I said we made Big D his four-year old self?!" "Don't worry, Chase! I'm not like Leo. I'm responsible and I'd never do anything to hurt anyone." "Well... what about yesterday when our invention hurt Mr. Davenport? I'm still confused about how that happened." "It was probably your fault," says Sebastian with a smirk. Chase gives him the Neural Scrambler. Meanwhile, Douglas heard Donald got hurt again, so he goes to the academy. He finds Donald and Spin are arguing. "I don't always have to follow your orders!" says Spin. "It's a free country!" "Yes, it's a free country! We should all be allowed to rob old ladies!" Douglas smiles and says, "Donnie, you're absolutely right! Stealing from children is pretty fun too!" "I was being sarcastic!" Donald yells. "You all do as I say!" Later in the episode, Sebastian starts building his team of rebels. When anyone refuses, he erases their memory. They start holding up signs and protesting against Mr. Davenport, like the lab rats did in "The Rats Strike Back". Things get out of hand so Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo have to step in. They realize Sebastian is behind all of it. They have the big battle of good vs. evil. Perry tries to break it up but when she gets punched she gets enraged and starts fighting aggressively. Sebastian erases their minds making them forget he's evil. At the end of the episode, Sebastian finds S-1 and convinces her to join forces with him to take revenge on the lab rats for destroying Victor Krane.

Trivia Edit

  • This is a fan-made episode.
  • This is the Season 4 premiere.
  • This is the second time bionic teenagers have rebelled against Mr. Davenport. The first was "The Rats Strike Back".
  • S-1 appears at the end of this episode and teams up with Sebastian.

Spike vs. Spikette (Aardvark's Season 4) Edit

Chase doesn't want to lose touch with his girlfriend, Sabrina. He asks Leo how he's handling his long-distance relationship with Janelle. Leo tells him they just video call. Chase likes Sabrina but he is also interested in S-1,  or Sasha, who recently joined the academy and thinks he's cute. She is also secretly in an evil alliance with Sebastian. Chase had been used to girls ignoring him so this is very overwhelming to him. Meanwhile, Bree wants to go on a date with Sebastian on the mainland, but Donald is hesistant to let them leave the academy. Sebastian tells Bree it doesn't matter what he thinks and they leave. Donald sends Leo to spy on them. When Sasha is flirting with Chase, he is tempted to go out with her, but he chooses to stay loyal to Sabrina. He tells her that he has a girlfriend and can't date her. This makes her very upset. Meanwhile, Bree and Sebastian are on their date at a restaurant in Mission Creek and Leo is spying on them. They decide to go back to the academy, and they find Leo, who says that Davenport sent him. When they take the Hydra-loop to go back to the academy, Sabrina gets on as well, to visit Chase. When the Hydraloop arrives, Leo escorts Sabrina to Chase and Sabrina says something along the lines of "Hi, Chase! I've missed you!". Chase gets so nervous he turns into Spike. Sasha gets so nervous she turns into Spikette. Turns out Victor Krane gave her the Commando App! Sabrina recognizes Spike and gets scared as Spike and Spikette battle each other. Bree and Sebastian hurry over to see what's going on. Leo hides behind Sabrina but she runs around to hide behind him. Spin and Bob arrive at the situation along with some other students to watch the big fight. Leo throws a laser orb at Spikette which makes her fall to the ground, but she gets up in a second and continues to fight Spike. So Leo throws one at Spike but he dodges it and attacks Leo. Sabrina quickly leaves the academy and never wants to see Chase again. At the end of the episode, Sebastian tells Sasha that she should do her best to form a close relationship with Chase, because it could be very useful in his plan.

Trivia Edit

  • This is a fan-made episode.
  • It takes place in Season 4.
  • This is Spike's fourth appearance.
  • S-1's Commando App is revealed.
  • Sabrina's second appearance.

Forbidden Hero (Aardvark's Season 4) Edit

Donald, Douglas, Chase and Sasha are talking. "Chase, how could you turn into Spike?" asks Donald. "You're a mentor! You're supposed to set a good example to the students!" "I'm sorry! It wasn't my fault!" Chase replies. "Douglas! Remove the Commando App from Chase and Sasha!" Donald exclaims. "Fine," says Douglas. "The three of you, go the the lab in Mission Creek!" Donald says. "No!" Douglas yells. "Why not?" asks Donald. "Uh..." starts Douglas. "We can't go to the lab because... uh... I don't know!" "Then go! Chase can't be a grown man and still act like a little aggressive baby!" Donald yells. Chase, Sasha and Douglas take the Hydraloop to Davenport's house and they go down to the lab. They see a familiar android sitting there. "Marcus?!" Chase exclaims. "Hello, Chase!" Marcus replies. "Long time, no see!" "Douglas!" Chase yells. "What is Marcus doing in our lab?!" "Since you guys left to go to the bionic academy I've been very lonely around here. My only company was Tasha, and she's so bossy! She wouldn't let me do anything upstairs! She doesn't even let me watch TV! I was always stuck here in the lab by myself. I really missed Marcus, so I decided to go to my old house and find him. I dug him out and I brought him here, where I fixed him up. I also expanded his lifespan. Now he can live for several decades!" Douglas sighs. Marcus pats Chase on the back and says, "The last time I saw you you were trying to save my life after I tried to end yours. I'm sorry for everything I did. It was nothing personal. Douglas raised me that way and I was only following his orders!" Chase says, "Okay, Marcus. I'm not gonna fall for this again. I was foolish to think you were my friend. I'm not making that mistake again." "Alright, Chase. You don't have to like him. Let's just remove the Commando App from you too and you guys can leave," Douglas states. "Can he come to the academy?" Sasha asks. "He's cute!" Marcus smiles and says, "Of course I am." Chase facepalms and says, "No, Marcus can't come." "I'm a good guy now! Douglas, please say I can go! I wanna go on missions and be a hero!" Marcus pleads. "Come on, Chase. Give him another chance." Douglas says. "Oh, fine!" Chase exclaims. "Yay!" exclaims Sasha and she gives Marcus a hug. Chase facepalms again. After Douglas removes the Triton App from Chase and Sasha, they all take the Hydraloop back to the academy. Donald sees them and yells, "Marcus!!" Leo looks and sees Marcus. "Ah!" Leo screams and throws a laser orb at him. Adam and Bree here and rush over, ready to fight. "It's okay!" Douglas says and explains the matter. "No, Marcus is evil!" Adam yells. "Yeah!" says Bree. "I was evil too! I changed! Marcus can too!" Douglas says. "Go back to Mission Creek with him." says Donald. "He's not welcome here." "What is this place, anyway?" Marcus asks. "Who are all these people?" "They used to be Krane's soldiers. He was controlling them with the Triton App. We destroyed Krane and Donald built this place to train these kids." "Mr. Krane?! Oh, I always hated that guy!" "Without Krane's money I never would have been able to build you." "I love that guy!" Marcus exclaims. "It doesn't matter. Get out." says Donald. Principal Perry comes over. "I remember this guy. He was a student at my school! Is your name... Eerloc?" "I'm Marcus. I'm a bionic android, which I found out recently. Douglas was lying to me that I was human!" "Give the kid a break, Donnie." says Douglas. In the next scene, Adam, Bree, Chase, Leo, Sasha and Sebastian are on a mission. Suddenly, Marcus pops up. "The cute guy!" Sasha exclaims. "Go away, Marcus." says Leo. "We can handle this mission without you." "Please, let me help," Marcus says. "Ugh, you're so annoying!" exclaims Bree. "Leave us alone!" "Alright, that's it!" Marcus yells. He super speeds at Bree and knocks her down. Then he punches Leo, making him fall. "Marcus, you're messing up the mission!" Chase yells. "Go away!" says Adam. Sebastian asks, "Who is this guy?" "He pretended to be our friend but he was plotting against us!" Chase replies. Sebastian smirks and says, "Oh, really?" Marcus super speeds away.

Trivia Edit

  • This is a fan-made episode.
  • This takes place during Season 4.
  • Marcus's first appearance after being destroyed in Bionic Showdown.
  • Douglas removes Chase's and Sasha's Commando Apps.
  • Sasha and Sebastian first meet Marcus.

Chase becomes a gangster. (Part 1 of "Chase becomes..." series) Edit

Chase comes out of the hydro-loop at the bionic academy, but he wasn't wearing his white mentor suit..."Yo, yo, yo! Chase iz in da house!" Leo is stunned by this, and it is showed because his jaw dropped. "What the heck is going on?!" Leo demands. "Look bruh, I just decided I want some dough, ya know what I'm sayin'?" Chase states. "NO! I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE "SAYIN'"" Leo screams at him. Bree sees Chase in his gangster outfit. "I'm not even going to ask..." and she leaves. "She was just jealous of my bling-bling" Chase says while holding up his gold necklace. Leo is still stunned. "Okay, I'm out of here..." Leo then leaves, leaving some students at the academy laughing at him. "Nah, nah, nah, you iz coming wit' me." Chase kidnaps Leo and brings him in the hydro-loop. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!' Leo screams. "I need you to become a gangsta' wit' me." Chase explains. "If I waz da only gangsta' in the academy, I'd look like an idiot." Chase says. "BUT YOU ALREADY LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT RIGHT NOW!" Leo screams. "Dat's it." Chase punches Leo so hard in the nose, it breaks. "OOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!" Leo screams. Then he's out cold. "HAHAHAHHAHA......SOON I WILL MAKE EVERYONE IN THE ACADEMY BECOME GANGSTERS. LIKE ME!" Chase says.

Chase becomes a vegetarian. (Part 2 of "Chase becomes..." series) Edit

Chase comes out of the hydro-loop at the bionic academy, but he wasn't wearing his white mentor suit..."Veggies, veggies, veggies! Chase's veggies are in the house!" Leo is surprised by this, and it is showed because he dropped his meat. "What the heck is going on?!' Leo demands. "Look Leo, I just decided, I don't need to eat animals, it's gross, I'd rather eat some veggies, you know what I'm saying?" Chase states. "NO! I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE SAYING!" Leo screams at him. Bree sees Chase with his veggies. "I'm not even going to ask..." and she leaves. "She was just jealous of my veggies" Chase says while holding his veggies. Leo is still surprised. "Okay, I'm out of here..." Leo then leaves, leaving some students at the academy laughing at him. "No, no, no, you're coming with me!" Chase takes Leo and brings him in the hydro-loop. "What are you doing?!" Leo demands. "I need you to become a vegetarian with me." Chase explains. "If I was the only vegetarian in the academy, I'd be weird." Chase says. "But you already are weird!" Leo says. "That's it!" Chase slaps Leo with his broccoli so hard in the face, it swells up. "OOOOOOOWWW!!!!!!" Leo screams. Then he's out cold. "Heheheheheh....Soon I will make everyone in the academy become vegetarians. Like me!" Chase says, while eating his Brussels sprouts.

Chase becomes lazy. (Part 3 of "Chase becomes..." series) Edit

Chase flops out of the hydro-loop at the bionic academy, and he wasn't wearing his white mentor suit..."Ugh, ugh, ugh...Chase is in the house..." Leo is confused by this, and it is showed because he makes a confused face. "Um...Chase?" Leo says. "Look Leo...I just decided...we're all going to I'm going to live my life...being lazy." Chase states. "Okay then..." Leo says at him. Bree sees Chase on the ground. "I'm not even going to ask..." and she leaves. "She was just jealous because I haven't cleaned my clothes for a week." Chase says while showing Leo his stained clothes. Leo is still confused. "Okay, I'm out of here..." Leo then leaves, leaving some students at the academy looking at Chase. "No...don't go..." Chase tries to take Leo in the hydro-loop, but since he's so lazy to get up and get him, he stays there. Leo leaves out of sight. "Whatever...Soon I will make everyone in the academy become lazy. Like me-" Chase falls asleep before he finishes his sentence.

Chase becomes cool. (Part 4 of "Chase becomes..." series) Edit

Chase steps out of the hydro-loop with epic music and lights facing towards him, and he wasn't wearing his white mentor suit..."My, my, my! Chase is in the house!!!" Leo is shocked by this, and it is showed because his jaw drops. "What the heck is going on?!" Leo demands. "Look...Leo. I just decided, I want to be cool. You know what I'm saying...don't you?" Chase states. "Uh...yeah...I know what you're saying..." Leo says, still shocked by how cool Chase is. Bree sees Chase in his cool leather jacket and shades. "I would totally be screaming right now if I weren't your sister." and she leaves. "She was just jealous of how cool I look." Leo is still shocked. "So...Chase...uh, what do you want to do?" Leo asks Chase, wanting to hang out with the coolest person he has ever seen. "Let's go into the hydro-loop." Chase says. "Okay!" Leo and Chase enter the hydro-loop. "I need you to become cool with me." Chase explains. "If I was the only cool guy in the academy, I'd faint of popularity." Chase says. "Definitely! I'll totally become cool!" Leo says. Then out of nowhere, Chase punches Leo so hard in the nose with his cool chain knuckles, it breaks. "OOOOOWWWWW!!!" Leo screams. Then he's out cold. "Hahaha! Did he seriously think I would want him to become cool with me? There should only be one cool guy in the academy, and it's me..." Chase says this as he's putting on a second pair of shades.

Chase becomes violent. (Part 5 of "Chase becomes..." series) (Not made by same author of Part 1-4) Edit

Chase steps out of the hydro-loop posed in a fighting position..."Chase is in the house! Where are the bad guys?!" Leo is scared by this, and it is showed because he shivers in fear. He tiptoes to Chase. "Wh-wh-what is g-g-going on?" Leo whispers. "Look..Leo. I just decided that if we're bionic, we should be violent! You know what I'm saying...don't you?" Chase states. "NO! I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE SAYING! Sorry for shouting. Please don't hit me..." Leo screams. Bree sees Chase looking strong. She superspeeds away. "She was just jealous of my muscles!" Chase says while kissing his muscles. Leo is still scared. He runs away but bumps into a wall. Chase walks up to Leo and pulls him in the hydro-loop. Leo wakes up. "Wh-wh-what are you doing?" Leo shivered. "I order you to become violent with me!" Chase demands. "If I was the only violent guy Mr. Davenport wouldn't be teaching the soldiers ANYTHING!" Chase says. "But he is teaching them better than you! Sorry again for shouting!" Leo shouts. "Sorry doesn't cut it! That's it!" Chase argues. He slaps Leo with his stone sword that he rips most of his skin off. "OOOOOWWWWW!" Leo screams. "Whatever...Soon I will teach everyone that violence is the answer!" says Chase while punching a hole in the hydro-loop.

Sebastian and Marcus Edit

"Hey... Marcus," says Sebastian, "I hear you were trying to capture Adam, Bree and Chase before they killed you." "That's true," says Marcus, "I was. But... Adam was just protecting Leo, and Chase tried to warn me. They weren't trying to kill me. They didn't want me to die..." "Look, android," says Sebastian, "Those guys are no good. I know you know that. They're killers trying to act like heroes. Let's not fall for it. They killed my father and have been trying to brainwash me. Turn me into one of them." "And what does all of this have to do with me?" Marcus asks, raising an eyebrow. "I need your help to take revenge on those losers. We need to take out Donald Davenport." "No way. You're the loser crying over Krane. I never trusted that guy. I've always hated him." "Look, Marcus! He was my father and they took him away from me! Does that seem fair to you? What if they murdered Douglas, huh? Plus, wasn't it Krane's money that Douglas used to build you? You know, after Donald kicked him out of Davenport Industries and abandoned him?" Marcus raises an eyebrow and says, "I need to stay on their good side. This is a great place for me to live. I don't wanna mess this up. I think I can become good friends with them." Sebastian gets mad and Marcus is prepared to fight him. But then Marcus has a change of heart. "You know what? Who am I kidding? They're gonna suffer the wrath of Marcus Davenport and... what's your name?" "Sebastian." "You look more like a Julio..." "I have a decent army," says Sebastian, "those who are loyal to me and our late father." "Good," says Marcus, raising an eyebrow. "We're gonna teach them a lesson. But... let's not hurt Bree," says Sebastian. "What do you mean? Why not?" asks Marcus. "Well... she's kinda cute..." says Sebastian. "Yeah, I guess..." says Marcus. "Look, android, she's mine! She's my girlfriend!" "She is?" "Okay, she's my future girlfriend. It'll happen!" "Fine, fine." "It wasn't her fault that my father died... It was Chase and Adam who did it, and they forced her to help!" "Okay, I get it!!" Later that day, Marcus warns the lab rats about Sebastian's plans. "Marcus, we've had enough of your lies," says Chase. "You lied to us and now you're doing it again!" exclaims Bree. "Sebastian is my man!" says Adam. "Fine," says Marcus, "don't believe me." Marcus had been planning to double-cross Sebastian, but they made him so angry by not listening to him, he decides to work with Sebastian. He meets with Sebastian to plan the attack on the Davenport-loyalists. "I know what you did, Marcus," says Sebastian. "What are you talking about?" asks Marcus. "You tried to tell them my plans. You betrayed me, just like your father betrayed my father," Sebastian says angrily. "History rewrites itself, I guess," Sebastian adds. Marcus decides to stick with the lab rats once and for all. "Look, I'm not gonna hurt them. That was old. My father is a hero now, and I wanna be a hero too. I wanna go on missions and have real, good friends. Not evil ones. Your father was a villain and died a villain, and I guess you just can't move on. Baby." "You're dead!" yells Sebastian.

Labrater's Fanmade Season 5 Edit

On May 4, 2015, Lab Rats: Bionic Island was renewed for a 5th season. Production started October 2015 for a February 2016 release.

Trivia Edit

  • Bree and Chase's relationship will grow this season.
  • Douglas will become bionic this season.
  • In Davenport's perspective, Chase is the main antagonist in the first few episodes.
  • Chase becomes an antagonist in the episode, "Fallen Hero"

Episode Guide Edit

1. Inside Job - February 10, 2016 - 501 Edit

Chase convinces Leo to help him try to bomb the lab after learning about a dangerous threat, located in the lab. When Davenport finds out, he confronts Chase. Chase tries to explain the truth, but Davenport doesn't believe him, and he locks Chase up at his offshore prison facility. Meanwhile, Bree and Adam send Bob and Spin on a mission. Eventually, they complete the mission and come home.

  • This is the Fanmade Season 5 premiere of Lab Rats.
  • The Mission Creek Lab is seen in this episode.

2. Chase In Hiding - February 17, 2016 - 502 Edit

When Bree learns that Chase has been locked up, she sneaks out of the academy late at night to rescue him. When she arrives, Chase asks her why she showed up, and she told him that she loves him and that he is her brother. Bree helps Chase get out, and they sneak back to the academy to confront Davenport. Meanwhile, Perry and Leo get trapped in the hydra loop. Meanwhile, when Davenport finds out about Bree's rescue mission, he removes both Bree and Chase's bionics and banishes them from the academy.

  • Bree and Chase lose their bionics in this episode.

3. Fake Date - February 24, 2016 - 503 Edit

Back at Mission Creek, when Chase sees that Sabrina has a new boyfriend, he asks Bree to go on a fake date with him to try to make Sabrina jealous. They follow Sabrina and her boyfriend, Billy, to the restaurant. Everything that Sabrina and Billy do, Bree and Chase try to one-up. But when Sabrina and Billy kiss, Bree and Chase unwillingly copy them. Eventually, Sabrina confronts Chase and he explains everything to Sabrina, and then they kiss. Meanwhile, Douglas, Adam, and Leo begin to miss Bree and Chase, so they move back to Mission Creek.

  • Bree and Chase unwillingly kissed in this episode.
  • Sabrina and Chase kissed in this episode.
  • Only Davenport works at the academy now.

4. Fall of the Davenports - March 3, 2016 - 504/505 Edit

Note: This is an one-hour special.

Part 1: Now that everyone has moved back to Mission Creek except Donald, he realizes that he had made a mistake, and tries to reunite the family. When he arrives at Mission Creek, Chase thinks that Davenport is a threat and attacks him, knocking him out. Everyone begins yelling at Chase and blaming him. Eventually, Chase gets angry and begins attacking the rest of the family, little do they know that he is under Davenport's triton app. Meanwhile, Perry is left in charge of the academy and makes all the students her servants.

Part 2: With Davenport unconscious and Chase in the triton app, everyone is beginning to lose it, resulting in a family war where everyone is the enemy. Eventually, Douglas goes crazy and just snaps, and tries to brake it up. But, it doesn't work. Douglas soon realizes that he is the family's last hope and is forced to implant himself with bionics so he can stop the family. Later, with Adam, Bree, Leo, and Donald in the triton app (thanks to Douglas), Chase explains to everyone why he blew up the lab, and everyone is forgiven. The next day, a mission alert comes on and they realize that Bree is missing. They learn that Sebastian was behind the entire thing. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with the team leaving the house to rescue Bree.

  • This is an one-hour special.
  • Douglas is bionic as of this episode, making him the second adult (first being Victor Krane) to be bionic.
  • The family has been reunited.

5. Sebastian Strikes Back - March 17, 2016 - 506 Edit

Adam, Chase, Leo, Douglas, and Donald are on a mission to rescue Bree, who has been captured. Meanwhile, Bree is being held hostage by Sebastian. He is trying to get Bree to date him, but she keeps refusing, resulting in Sebastian sending electric shocks to Bree. Eventually, he gives Bree no choice but to kiss him, or else he will eliminate his family. Bree thinks about it, and decides to protect her family, and right before she kisses Sebastian, the team breaks in and Chase uses his molecularkenesis to throw Sebastian across the room. The whole team fights Sebastian, eventually defeating him. At the end of the episode, you see that Sebastian is in a room, and he says, "It's just so fun when you geoleap away and replace yourself with an android right before you get crushed. I will have my revenge, Davenports!"

  • Sebastian is still alive, even though the Davenports think he is dead.

6. The Bionic Games - March 24, 2016 - 507 Edit

Adam, Bree, and Chase can't decide who is the best, so Leo decides to create a series of challenges called, "The Bionic Games" to decide who is the best. At the end, they all tied, proving that they are all strong. Meanwhile, Perry pesters Davenport about getting a second job at the academy.

  • At the end of the episode, Perry is Head of Security and Head of Food Services.

7. Fallen Hero - May 20, 2016 - 509 Edit

Chase is confronted by Sebastian and has to decide to either work with him and keep his family, or to fight him and lose his family. Chase decides to join Sebastian and protect his family, but Sebastian tells him that he needs to act like he is still good. Chase refuses, and tells him that this is stupid, and right before he finishes Sebastian, Sebastian enables the triton app on Chase, and sends him "into the field". Meanwhile, Douglas gives some new abilities to Leo.

Andre132's fake Season 4: Edit

Bionic Rebellion Edit

When Donald and Douglas are captured by Sebastian, it's up to Adam, Bree, Chase, Leo, Spin, Bob and Perry to save them.


This is the Season 4 premiere.

This is a one-hour special.

Tasha, Mr. President, Special Agent Graham and Victor Krane appear in this episode.

Donald and Douglas are now wanted.

Tasha now stays at the bionic academy with Donald.

Left Behind Edit

When Leo leaves Spin on an island, Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo face an enemy they never thought they would see again.


Leo and Spin become mentors.

This is Victor Krane's final appearence.

S-1 appears in this episode, moves to the academy and gets renamed Sarah.

Mission Mania Edit

When Donald puts Perry on the team, he finds out she has been causing a lot of missions to happen. Meanwhile, Spin and Bob plan a birthday party for Leo but Donald thinks it's for him.


Perry finds out she has bionics.

Douglas appears in this episode.

Douglas gets a job as a security guard along with Perry.

Spike vs. Spikette Edit

When Sarah "accidentally" triggers Chase's commando app, she has to turn into Spikette to battle Spike. Meanwhile, Tasha becomes Leo's teaching assistant but Leo doesn't like it.


Donald is absent in this episode but is mentioned twice.

This is Spike and Spikette's first appearence in Season 4. This also may be their last.

Leo gives Spin half of his class but keeps Sarah. This may mean she is a good student to Leo.

Forbidden Hero Edit

Douglas rebuilds Marcus and puts him in the academy but Donald says that they can't keep him. Meanwhile, Donald tells Leo to do Donald tests only.


Marcus appears in this episode.

Marcus may have been accepted into the academy because he is featured in later episodes.

This is the second time the academy almost sank. The first being First Day of Bionic Academy.

My Master is my Student Edit

Bree and Leo become in charge of the academy while Donald is a student. Meanwhile, Adam and Chase have a tournement.


This is the second time Bree and Leo are in charge of something. The first being Perry 2.0.

This is the second time Adam and Chase battle. The first being Brother Battle.

Because Bree and Leo were in charge, it is unknown who taught their classes.

The Comic About the Rats Edit

When Kaz, Oliver and Skylar find the lab rats, they hang out in Mighty Med before the annihilator arrives.


This is a 1 hour special.

Kaz, Oliver, Skylar Storm, Alan, Gus, Horace, the Annihilator and Philip from Mighty Med appear in this episode.

Oliver hangs out with Chase because they're both smart, Kaz hangs out with Adam because they're both not the smartest and Skylar hangs out with Bree because they're both girls.

Eddy appears in this episode on the news, but doesn't talk.

Bionic Action Heroes Edit

When Agent Reed returns to arrest the lab rats, the soldiers, Donald, Douglas and Marcus, they have to find a way to escape.


This is a 1 hour special.

Agent Reed becomes the Season 4 antagonist.

Agent Reed also gets bionics at the end.

Perry turns out to be a torture lady in jail and Tasha sneaks out using the invisibility cloak.

Mr. President saves the lab rats, Donald, the soldiers, Douglas, Marcus and Perry.

The bionic academy gets destroyed in this episode.

Bionic Dog Edit

When Leo makes a dog he found on the streets bionic, the dog geo-leaps away. Meanwhile, Chase and Bree plan a bionic lair to replace the academy.


The dog is called Deo (Full name: Dog Leo Dooley)

Agent Reed appears in this episode disguised as Bree.

This episode says that in future episodes, there will be a bionic lair. It also teases we might be getting a bionic sky island.

Ultimate Tailgate Challenge Edit

When the lab rats hear Perry is hosting an ultimate tailgate challenge, they enter as the lab rats team. Meanwhile, Donald builds the bionic lair but gets distracted by Tasha and they soon fall into a hole because of Spin.


The lab rats team is Adam, Bree, Chase, Leo and Sarah. The davenport team is Douglas, Marcus and a few soldiers. The soldiers team is Spin, Bob, Sebastian and a few soldiers.

Tasha is the vice principal of the bionic lair.

The lab rats team win the challenge and give the trophy to Donald.

Space Elevator Edit

When Donald builds an elevator to get to class safely, it accidentally sends Adam into space. Meanwhile, Bree and Leo do a challenge to see who's better at sports.


This is the second time the lab rats go to space. The first being Mission: Space.

This is the first episode which the setting is the built bionic lair.

Sarah was on Bree's side and Spin was on Leo's side while they were doing the competition.

Bionic Lair Training Edit

When the lab rats train so hard their bionics run out, it is up to Donald to use his powers to get their bionics back.


Donald uses the powers he got from The Comic About the Rats

Donald is the hero of this episode.

Horace Diaz from Mighty Med is mentioned in this episode.

New Soldiers, Old Faces Edit

When Leo wishes there were more bionic people, he has a dream where everyone he knew was bionic. Meanwhile, Donald and Chase try to find a way to make Adam smarter.


Janelle, Perry, Tasha, Sabrina, Kerry, Mr. President, Danielle, Trent, Caitlin, Ethan, Special Agent Graham, Rose, Owen, Stephanie, Kal Zar and Kavan all appear in this episode with bionics.

This is a special episode focusing on recurring and guest characters.

Perry once worked at a resteraunt.

We Learn Bionics but not Languages Edit

When Leo has to take care of a soldier who doesn't speak english, he finds out she speaks bionic languages. Meanwhile, Bree and Chase find a way to make each other stronger to get revenge on Adam.


This is Mary's/S-2's first appearence.

Bree and Chase team up in this episode.

A new language is discovered which is called bionish.

Too Many Kids Edit

When Donald opens a bionic school for children, Leo finds out he'll be the teacher. Meanwhile, Adam, Bree and Chase swap student at the lair.


Chase teaches Bob, Adam teaches Sarah and Bree teaches Sebastian.

Spin and Bob get moved to the school.

The school is shut down in the end.

Four Bionic Kids Plus One Edit

When Chase has a dream where Bree and Sebastian are married, he meets their son called Brebastian and soon becomes rivals with him. Meanwhile, Adam teaches Leo how to be a mentor but gives bad advice.


This is Brebastian's first and only appearence.

Chase will be married to Sabrina, Adam will be married to Sarah and Leo will be married to Janelle in Chase's dream.

In the dream, everyone lives on a bionic ocean cave.

Powers and Bionics Edit

When Donald goes on missions and starts ruining the team's teamwork, the lab rats plan how to take away Donald's powers. Meanwhile, Leo gets a comic about himself.


Oliver, Kaz, Skylar Storm, Alan and Horace Diaz from Mighty Med appear in this episode.

Leo gets the superhero name "Fireball".

Donald loses his powers in this episode.

An Unusual Amount of Missions Edit

When the lab rats find out there were no missions for a whole week, they find out Sebastian, Spin, Bob, Sarah and Mary have been doing everything. Meanwhile, Donald puts Adam back to a student and asks Chase for help.


Even though Adam was a student, he was on the expert level.

This is Mary's 2nd appearence.

Donald reveals he has a bionic car/jet.

Bionics in Chips Edit

When Leo spreads bionic germs all over chips while watching a movie with Perry, he finds out he accidentally passed his bionics to Perry to make her more powerful. Meanwhile, Spin and Bob accidentally switch bodies while doing science.


Perry becomes more powerful in this episode.

Leo gets his bionics back in the end.

Perry still has a crush on Douglas as revealed in this episode.

Leo Leaves the Lair Edit

When Leo leaves the lair and meets Troy, he has to try and give him bionics before the lab rats and Donald find him. Meanwhile, Chase and Bree become chefs for the soldiers.


This is Troy's first appearence.

Troy becomes bionic and moves to the lair.

In the beginning, Leo is moved down to beginner. In the end, he becomes a mentor again.

Party in a Lair Edit

When it is the soldiers' birthday, the lab rats try to throw a surprise party without them or Donald knowing. Meanwhile, Spin spends the whole day trying to become friends with Leo.


This is the second party featuring the soldiers. The first being Bionic Houseparty.

Spin and Leo become friends in the end.

Sebastian uses his laser pitchfork as a limbo stick again.

Soldiers, Attack! Edit

When the soldiers attack the bionic lair, the lab rats, Donald, Douglas, Marcus and Troy find out Agent Reed put them under the Triton App.


This is the Season 4 finale.

This is a one hour special.

Agent Reed died in the end.

The soldiers become evil again.

Troy doesn't go under the Triton App.


Lab Rats on Ice! Edit

(Lab Rats theme song with the bionic academy showing from a bird's eye view) "SHUT THE--" (Censorship screen is on) "Guys! Look, I found a brochure for ice-skating!" Chase says while showing the team a fancy brochure with diamond and gold on the edges to make it look really coo- "SHUT THE--" (Censorship screen) "Um...I'm not really an ice-skater..." Leo says to Chase. "Yeah, and I always break the ice when I try to skate because I'm too strong" Adam says. "I don't need ice-skating, I have super-speed!" Bree says. "Uh, well...Mr. Davenport, what about you?" "Will the skates have a picture of me on them?" Donald asks. "NO! YOU ALL FREAKING--" (Censorship screen) Chase rages and goes to the ice-skating place himself. "That'll be 7,161 dollars and 21 cents" says the person working there. "WHAT?! WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY THAT MUCH FREAKING--" (Censorship screen)

"CUT!" says the director for Lab Rats. "Look Chase, I understand you're upset and all, but this was not in the script, and you're swearing too much. This is a kid's show." he explains to Chase. "I KNOW IT'S A--" (Censorship) "THAT'S IT! SECURITY!" Some huge guys lift Chase and take him away. "YOU--- WILL BE HEARING FROM MY LAWYERS YOU--- AND--- IN A--- WITH YOUR---" A loud noise that sounds like a punch to the face happens. The Lab Rats come to the ice-rink because they feel sad for leaving Chase. "Hey, where's Chase?" Donald asks the director. "Oh, uh, he's on a break." "Oh, okay." They then go ice-skating, and have the best time of their lives.

1 hour later

Chase comes back to the ice-rink with an ice pack on his nose. "Hey, guys...I'm very sor-" Chase sees the team having so much fun skating. "WHAT THE--" (Censorship) "THAT'S IT, GET THE MINI GUNS. I NEVER WANTED CHASE TO BECOME A CHARACTER ANYWAYS." The director screams. "Um, we don't have mini guns." Some guy says. "WHAT?! HOW DO YOU LOSERS NOT HAVE--" (Censorship) "OMG, HE JUST SAID A BAD WORD!" The same guy says. "WE'RE LEAVING." Everyone that works there leaves. "NO! COME BACK!!!!" The director says chasing after them. "So, Chase! Want to skate with us!?" Leo says to Chase. "Yeah I do!" Then they have the worst time of their lives.

Fanmade season four: Edit

Bionic Rebellion: Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo are getting back from a mission when they overhear Sebastian talking. "I will destroy their father Mr.Davenport will be gone and its alll thanks to Chase for telling me about my dad". Adam punched Chase and Chase yelled. Then Sebastian heard it and started walking towards them. Leo threw multiple Laser Spheres at him but Sebastian just absorbed them all. And when Bree ran at him in Super Speed he flipped her. The only two left standing were Adam and Chase. Adam wished Chase good luck then ran away. Sebastian grabbed him with Molecularkinesis then threw him to the ground. Sebastian and Chase were facing off again Chase created his Bo Staff and Sebastian created his Pitchfork. Then Davenport walked in "Hey guys whats going on?" Sebastian got worried then Chase said "Nothing just a little training". Mr.Davenport left and Chase and Sebastian looked at eachother. "This war is between my family and you I wontt tell anyone but we will fight". "Ok but be prepared I will strike when you least expect it".

Bionic Dog: It was a regular day Leo was just chilling in his room when someone walked in. "Hey Leo" said Douglas "I got you something". Leo saw a Dog it had brown black and white fur it was the cutest thing he had ever seen. Then it spoke "Hello Leo" Leo jumped "Is it bionic?" Asked Leo? Douglas just smiled and walked away. The dog Geo Leaped onto Leoss head. Then it decided to fly aroun his room and destroy his books by breathing fire. Leo got frustrated but decided totalkk to it. "Hello Leo sorry about your stuff I just tend to glitch alott" Leo understood and started training the dog. He would throw a tree with his Super Strength and the dog would Super Speed and catch it with his enhanced jaw strength. Leo and the Dog had become bestfriendss and that is the he story of the Bionic Dog.

Lab Rats Steal-a-Davenport Edit

When AdamChase and Leo steal Bree's boyfriend (Sebastian), Bree has to use her bionics to save him.


Billy Unger as Chase Davenport

Spencer Boldman as Adam Davenport

Kelli Berglund as Bree Davenport

Tyrel Jackson Williams as Leo Dooley

Cole Ewing as Sebastian

(Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport absent)

Lab Rats When I'm King Edit

When Donald becomes king of the academy, Douglas tries to take his space.


Billy Unger as Chase Davenport

Spencer Boldman as Adam Davenport

Kelli Berglund as Bree Davenport

Tyrel Jackson Williams as Leo Dooley

Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport

Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport

Distracting Donald Edit

Leo invites Gordo to the academy but gets distracted by Donald. Meanwhile, S-1 joins the academy but Bree invites Owen to the academy so Adam and Chase ask Perry to help mentor S-1 and Sebastian.


Billy Unger as Chase Davenport

Spencer Boldman as Adam Davenport

Kelli Berglund as Bree Davenport

Tyrel Jackson Williams as Leo Dooley

Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport

Ben Stillwell as Owen

Ashley Argota as S-1

Maile Flanagan as Principal Perry

Cole Ewing as Sebastian

Tucker Albrizzi as Gordo

Danielle ReturnsEdit

Adam has a new girlfriend who is Danielle but Donald regrets it and asks Dooey Dingo to break them up. Meanwhile, Leo and Oliver are both annoyed that Rose visited and ask Chase and Bree for help.


Billy Unger as Chase Davenport

Spencer Boldman as Adam Davenport

Kelli Berglund as Bree Davenport

Tyrel Jackson Williams as Leo Dooley

Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport

Jake Short as Oliver

Telma Hopkins as Rose Dooley

Ginny Garnder as Danielle

Varied as Dooey Dingo