Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley as Grant

Paul Wesley
Gender Male
Age 17
Height: 6'3
Nationality: American
Hometown: Mission Creek,IL
Professional Information
  Bionic Superhuman hunter,Student
  Douglas,Lab Rats
Friends and Family

Grant is the third bionic created by Douglas.He is 17 years old.He is portrayed by Paul Wesley. 

Physical ApperanceEdit

He is very handsome and well builded.He is 6'3 and very popular nice and easy going but strict and serious around Douglas beacuse he was meant to be the ultimate hunter for the lab rats he is the strongest one yet.  

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Bionic Adaption:Also known as hunting.He could adapt to anything that could hurt him.(To better explane an example)When Adam fired his heat vision he automaticaly teleported away and when Allen fired his plasma grenades he made his skin electricity proof.Which means virtualy nothing can hurt him.
  • Super Strength:He has the same strength as adam and beyond he could knock out Chase with one punch.When Chase takes one of Adams punches and is winded showing how much stronger Grant is.
  • Super Speed:He could move at incredible speed.He is faster than bree when bree can move more than 400 miles per hour Grant could move at the speed of sound if not more.Showed when Bree attacked him at super speed he throwed her with his super strength and when Chase was about to attack him he was gone.When he said "wait" he was already behind him.
  • Super Intelligence:He was smarter than chase.When chase got a A-.Grant stated that he has a perfect GPA.
  • Super Reflexes:He could react at incredible speeds.
  • Force Field:He could make a visible dome around him to shield himself
  • Bionic Energy Blast:He could fire a energy pulse.The same as Adam.
  • Plasma Grenades:He has  the same ability as Adam.
  • Super Durability:He is more durable than adam,Bree and Chase.Lasers would not stun him.
  • Martial arts:He was very well trained in martial arts.Could beat Chase who is the best at martial arts of the lab rats.  
  • Levitation:He could levitate himself in the air like chase.
  • Lightning Manipulation:He has the same ability as Marcus had. 
  • Over-Ride app:He could override adam,Bree and Chase.

Adaptations              Edit

  • Heat Vision:When adam fired his heat vision
    • Adaption:Teleported away
  • Plasma Grenades:When Allen shot plasma grenades at him.
    • Adaption:Electricity proof skin
  • Colapsing Roof:When the room colapsed on him.
    • Adaptation:Maked his skin super hot melting the rocks on contact.
  • Football (Thrown at him):When jocks throwed a football at him.
    • Adaption:Rubber body Bouncing the ball back at them.


Glitches and WeaknessesEdit

  • Lasers:If shot enough times stuned
  • Bionic chip blocking lasers:Blocked all of his powers even his adaption.

He is bionic but does not have glitches.


  • In an unknown episode the second time lab rats and grant meet is when chase is about fall from a platform and grant super speeds and saves him but also does bree.But Grant is faster.