This is the second episode of season 3.


Adam Bree and Chase figure out that the new kid Jeremy Blainton is actually a bionic but not a normal one when his emotions get the best of him.He becomes a "bionic Hulk". 


Adam Bree and Chase are trying to figure out the new kid Jeremy Blainton.Then it skips at one night when Jeremy stays late in the school and Adam and Chase come and find out.They ask him whta is going on.Then he says its nothing but Adam suddenly loses his temper and pushes Jeremy into the lockers and Jeremy says "Is that all you got" coming out unharmed.And then he gets angry and "beasts out" then he pushes adam into the lockers.And renders him unconsious.Then he grabs Chase's arm and shoves it down knocking him down on the floor. and Bree try's to run away but he gets her and she's on the ground.Then Matt comes and attacks Jeremy but he isn't harmed.Jeremy flicks him in the head and makes him fall to the ground unconsious.


Spencer Boldman as Adam

Kelli Berglund as Bree

Billy Unger as Chase

Taylor Kinney as Matt

Blake Hood as Jeremy(Sean Faris when beasted out) (Debut)