Leo howard

 Jack is the long lost brother of Adam,Bree and Chase and has his bionics deactivated.His age is unknown he is probably the same age as Chase.He is portrayed by Leo Howard. 


Jack is sarcastic and a bit arrogant when things start to go his way but overall a nice person and is really not into fighting.He as a child was very angry and sad beacuse of his bionics he was to himself wieved as a "Freak" and often got into fights with Donald beacuse he was unvilling to train for missions and eat power pellets.By age of  14 he ran away from home and went to Douglas to deactivate his bionics.He held a grudge against Davenport.

 Powers and Abilities

Jack was depowered at age 14. but formerly had these following abilities:

  • Energy absoption:He could absorb blast of energy and then he could release those blasts even stronger.They were strong enough to blast down a hole wall.
  • physical attributes:He is stronger faster and has better reflexes than a normal person in episode "Long time no see" Leo said at the end of the chase that he could take him he punched but Jack blocked and pushed him onto the floor and Leo said that hurts like alot.
  • data scan vision:He can scan the person he is looking at and find basic data about them but can also get medium information and secret information.
  • Air walking:He can lift himself in the air and walk like he was walking on air.
  • Martial arts:He was trained by davenport in martial arts but since he was depowered he stoped training  and was beaten by Chase with ease.