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"Mission Creek High School" is the name of the school that all themain characters attend. It is one of the central locations the show  

Known StudentsEdit

Known StaffEdit

Hierachy under Principal Perry's RegimeEdit

  • Principal Perry (Formerly)-Principal is the leader of the school and the founder.
  • Vice Principal Crokner(Formerly):Vice Principal is the second in command and the principal's helper
  • Leo Dooley (Formerly)-They teach students and are each asigned to teach a different subject.Leo Dooley (Math)
  • Flow and Brandy-Lunch Ladies-They cook and serve food.
  • Students.

Hierachy under Matt davenport's RegimeEdit

  • Matt Davenport-Leader/"King " or Principal of the school.
  • Trent "T"-Vice Principal/"Prince " and Matt's bodyguard.  
  • The Football Team-Matt's army.
  • Katelyn "Kate"-leader of the Class comitte.
  • Students-underlings.

Change at Matt's Regime.

Matt MCd(Mind Controled) Principal Perry to let go of her apex position to Matt and now Matt throws parties at the school with punch pizza and girls.So the students do not study anymore.Only party but Matt gets out control.So adam bree and Chase and Leo try to take him down. But he did set a set of rules that all students of MCH must abide by or face the punishment.


  1. Respect Matt and do not tell your parents that you don't study at school.
  1. Respect higher authority ex.Do not disrespect the football team.
  1. No fighting.
  1. If you wanna' go anywhere you don't need a hallpass.
  1. After you go home study a bit so your parents are't suspicious.
  1. Matt's word is law all must cary out his will.
  2. No studying while on school grounds.


Vice Principal:Does not have to study and is higher in position than other except for Matt the principal.

The Football Team:They can pick on you and you can't fight back unless Matt allows it.

                                                                                                          Crimes and PunishmentsEdit

beating a football player.

Disobeying the vice principal.

Ratting out the regime to your parents.


The Weggienator:Is a machine which gives you a atomic pants splitter.5 times if you beat a football player.