Sean Lambert
Gender Male
Age 16
Height: 6'0"
Nationality: American
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Leo Lambert (Little Brother)

Lesile Lambert (Little Sister)

Stephen Lambert (Father)

Other Information
Portrayed by
Jason Dolley
I want a gumball machine so I can have Unlimited Balls of Gum!
— Sean, Crash and Burn
Sean Lambert is the oldest of the Agent Code:109 , being sixteen years old. He is the dumbest of the trio, but also the smartest. He does have his moments, though, like in Mission:Impossible, it was his idea for Lesile, Stephen, and Himself to ambush while Leo grabs the stolen crown.He is 16 years old.He is older than Lesile than 2 years and Leo by 1. He is portrayed by Jason Dolley. 


Season 1Edit

He acts serious, but is really not very serious. He is into stereotypical boy things, like cars. He also gets along very well with his siblings.


Crash and Burn: When the agents return from a failed Mission, they must have to go to the worst place of all: School.

Road Runners: To prove to Stephen he's not dumb at everything, Sean signs up for a monster truck race. But when Stephen pulls his brakes, will Leo step up and save him?

Ballroom Disaster: Lesile gets a date to the dance, but when her date's ex tries to ruin ot for her, he steps up and saves the day.

Mission:Invisible: The gang go and try to take back a crown that was stolen, but it's a lot harder than it looks.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Gauntler Weapon: Though not possesing any abilities, he still has his Gauntler Weapon, which can shoot out lasers stronger than titanium and hotter than 4000 kelvin.
  • Physical Strength: He is the strongest out of all of his siblings, but he does not have bionic strength.


Leo Lambert (Little Brother)Edit

Leo is Sean's little brother. Sean usually protects him, because he is physically weak and can't usually fend off for himself. Though Sean's got Leo's back most of the time, Leo's there for him too. Like in Rooad Runners, when Sean has to drive, Leo pushes on the pedals while Sean does the wheel, because he can't do two things at once.Leo Is the team Leader,odd since he the little brother but fells right since the smartest should be leader not the strongest. 

Lesile Lambert (Little Sister)Edit

Leslie is Sean's little sister. Out of all the siblings they probably hang out and bicker the least. But when needed, they will always have each othet's backs. Like in Ballroom Disaster, Sean saved Lesile from getting pushed into the punch bowl and ruining her expensive dress. 

Stephen Lambert (Father)Edit

Stephen is Sean's little brother. He always acts like he is better than Sean because he is smarter, and Sean doesn't like that. They bicker a lot, and get into a lot of sticky situations. Like in Road Runners, it was Stephen's fault they crashed into the wall. But they have each others back. Like in Mission:Imposible, Stephen pushed Sean away as a bullet was coming.