Shane Stafford
Troy Ramzek
Gender Male
Age 17
Height: 6'3
Nationality: American
Hometown: Mission Creek,IL
Born: 1996
Professional Information
  Bionic Superhuman
  Victor Krane
Friends and Family
Victor Krane(Creator)
Victor Krane

Adam(Formerly) Bree(Formerly) Chase(Formerly) Leo(Formerly)

Shane Stafford is Victor Krane's first bionic.He is first introduced as a normal fun-loving guy who even Leo doesn't doubt,But then he is revealed to work for Victor and has proven to be more than a match for the Lab Rats.He is 17 years old.He is portrayed by Troy Ramzek.


He's first to be shown as a nice and gentle person but in truth was hiding his true agendas from his friends.Principal Perry called him "Little Blonde".Chase and Shane bonded over their martial art abilities and with adam bree and Leo by doing fun stuff together.He said his dad is out of town when the lab rats asked him who he was.The other thing that gave him away was that Victor who is his legal guardian never showed on parent teacher night so it was odd to the Lab Rats.He is funny and kindhearted alot of girls see him as "Hot".He is far too strong for the Lab Rats which makes him their newest enemy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shane is very powerful being able to beat the lab rats easily mutiple times prompting Chase to say to Davenport and the others "He's too strong were no match for him.Victor's got us in checkmate".

  • Black-Gate App:Shane can disable all of The Lab Rats' abilities when he activates his Black-Gate app but the app works in procksimity so if the Lab Rats get to a considerable distance their abilities are restored,if not all of their powers are inhibited.Chase Adam and Bree exhibit headache's and pain to and their eyes glow green when the app takes effect.This makes Shane far stronger than Adam,Bree and Chase.
  • Super Strength:Shane throwed Adam through a wall and broke a car in half with a karate chop.
  • Super Speed:He made Chase dizzey by running around him in a circle with speed that Chase seen him as a blur of motion.
  • Super Intelligence:He hacked all of Donald's facilities in under a minute.
  • Wall sticking:He stick to a wall and bounced back to kick Bree on the ground.
  • Heat Vision:His heat vision is stronger than Adam's.
  • Force Field:He can create a force field around himself and others.
  • Electricity Wave:He can release a wave of electricity strong enough to knock a person out or kill them.
  • Super Durability:He can take much more physical punishment than a normal person.


He has a adition to his chip making him immune to glitches.